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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The biggest surprise - FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT for free advertising

FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT is a creative software, which can share on Facebook groups and comments just like a real human no api no account block, it uses sensitive web automation technology to communicate with Facebook pages and make likes and comments so your accounts stay safe


The program have many Features let's see some of them
  • easy to use.
  • simple and clean user interface.
  • import all account’s groups in one click.
  • post to any no of groups, you can choose range of groups to post to.
  • like any no of posts in groups.
  • comment on any no of posts in groups, comments can include links so you can create a campaign of comments.
  • Like in any no of pages posts.
  • comment in any no of pages posts.
  • share any no of pages posts.
  • Include hashtags in all group posts according to your choice.
  • Random waiting time between each action to simulate human way of use.
  • Safe to your account.
  • You have your local database to store accounts, groups, pages and all your stuff, we don’t collect any data from it.
  • You can backup and restore your database any time.
  • Light built in browser to simulate human way of use.
  • We don’t use Facebook applications so your accounts are safe.
  • Create unlimited lists of posts each list considered as one campaign the software will share them post by post to make a variety of posts to simulate normal usage of a real human.
  • Create unlimited lists of hashtags to add them to your posts.
  • Create unlimited lists of pages to like, comment and share its posts page by page in a safe loop.
  • Create unlimited lists of comments to use them in groups and pages, comments chosen in fully random way.
  • Create customized campaign composed of account’s groups, hashtags list, pages list and comments list.
  • Ability to choose to post to groups or not, like in groups or not, comment in posts or not, and so on which make it highly customizable.
  • Ability to create a campaign of comments only or likes only or posts only so you got the highest benefit of software flexibility. 

download free demo HERE
more info HERE

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  1. That is good ,thank you very much from mobile world website

  2. Can i use facebook autopilot on my mobile phone